Residential Lots for Sale in the State of Mexico

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Colonia Bosques de Metepec

$6,500 MN - Available

Residencial Land - Sale

Metepec, Estado de México

Quinta Sauces it’s a residential development with privileged location, nearby main streets that go to Mexico City, downtown Toluca and Metepec, close to Bicentenario Park, placed at one of the highest developed and added valued areas of Metepec, few blocks away of the best schools and malls, it includes:

Façade with access porch, this access is composed by a modern design
Includes a circuit which allows a better, faster and more adequate way for exiting and entering.
Security booth with highly capable staff
Football fields with natural grass
Playground area with sand
Beautiful palm roof surrounded by gardens
Fountain which provides a luxurious residential style
Internal communication which allows connection between the house and control booth

Land Area: 760 m2